Mask becoming new identities –  Perspective of a wedding photographer.

We have already pushed natures limit to an extent where masks have started covering faces and if conditions prevailed with same pace , very soon masks will become new identities.

Delhi has earned its reputation for glamour, beauty, glitter, grandeur and out of the box carefree wedding celebrations. There were days when candid wedding photographers used to crave for delhi couples as the jing bang of Delhi helped the creativity. Delhi has always had that potential to make couples look more beautiful and presentable,it’s free access to magnificent monumental sites ,historical streets ,colourful markets like cannaught place , india gate ,chawari bazaar full of random people rendered a free of cost devices to all beginners and established photographers.

Delhi morning shots used to be so wonderful and vivid that it was a compulsory trend without which no pre wedding shoot was complete.

Considering the popularity of delhi , few business minds have come up with concept of sets where they have recreated the famous locations and offered to people for  wedding shoots at reasonable price .
Over years delhi the paradise of amazingly perfect  locations had turned into a dark gas chamber with grey all over. Delhi has got its new colour and people got new faces . Most wonderful mornings became the most dangerous ones where a simple morning walk has become impossible, moreover it per forced the photographers and clients to venture for new nearby locations.
A couple wearing mask will surely minimise the efforts to make them look naturalistic, intense or candid but will create a void in a passionate photographer who tends to capture the emotions and love to freeze the love of moment for a life time happiness.
With time photography have surely became professional but not the photographer, he still works for his creative hunger and leaves no stone unturned to achieve his goals and satisfy the client.

I hope not to see a couple wearing a mask and posing in front of delhi smog, however it’s high time now to think and decide that ” are we ready to loose our identities and to settle for a colourful mask ?”

Thank You


God bless us all.