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Banjara Studios

More you smile, More we click!

Banjara Studios is a photography service located in Gurgaon. They offer pictures that exude colorful interpretations of love, merriment, and rituals. Seeking inspiration from the mundane to the flamboyant, their pictures show the great tapestry of ceremonies and feelings intertwined with extravagant modern aspirations. Banjara Studios assists you in achieving a collection of visual art that provokes imagination and wistfulness. Widely regarded as one of the best candid wedding photographers in Delhi, Ashish Pareek, the lead photographer at Banjara Studios, takes an artistic and photojournalistic approach to wedding photography and cinematography. They have captured stories at more than 270 weddings in India and abroad, including numerous destination weddings. Their goal as they quote, "our goal is simple – we strive to capture the joy of your wedding in a way which you may cherish forever."

Ashish Pareek

Ashish Pareek

Chief Photographer

An engineer by education, Ashish left his job to pursue his life-long passion for photography about four years ago. After assisting the legendary French photographer Xavier Zimbardo on his Indian assignment, Ashish felt that the mass-production approach to wedding photography was not doing justice to the beautiful moments at the once-in-a-lifetime wedding affairs. Ashish shoots weddings to tell stories which could be re-visited for life, and more than 160 couples across India vouch for his craft. His distinct approach has been featured in an exclusive article in India’s prominent English daily as well. When Ashish is not shooting at weddings, you can find him seeking inspiration on his Enfield rides to mountains and beaches along with his better half.