Man jumping in front of Qutub Minar

“When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoyourselves as few adults can. The day we fret we leave our childhood behind.”

-Patrick Rothfuss


A bizarre day in Ashish’s life expanded his pursues towards life and awakened his generosity. He was startled to meet a person who has no dreams apart from being ‘clicked’. This is truly about a man who still hasn’t come out of his larva and fly like a butterfly. A phone call which was earlier ignored by Ashish was later wondered upon. Atul from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh called Banjara Studios inquiring about a photoshoot at Qutub Minar and Ugrasen ki Baoli. He was told that the chief photographer works on wedding projects and would not be able to pursue a personalised photoshoot of this sort. Perhaps this zany man wasn’t satisfied hence called up again. Ashish could recognise him instantly because of the unique way he had greeted him the first time around. His “Hello, kya aap Qutub Minar pe mera photo loge?” was full of curiosity and dread and he wanted to get clicked in a particular fashion around monuments. Ashish initially thought of him as a humorous person and thus agreed to take up this assignment as a comic past time.


Man with goggles at Qutub Minar


Atul went head over heels and followed up every day. From clothes to venues to goggles to metro- he wanted to be sure in toto. Atul had petty concerns- “Where will I change my clothes?
Did you get the goggles for me? You are going to come right!! Phone mat band karna!!”. By then it was certain that this young man was somewhat different and all this generated inquisitiveness for Ashish too.

Nice pose at Qutub Minar

On meeting Atul at Qutub Minar, Ashish noticed his dispirited personality and innocence. This naïve man wanted to see every picture as soon as he heard the shutters of the camera and asked
“Kaisi aayi hai?”. Atul carried some preconceived ideas about the pictures he wanted of himself and was not at all interested in the photographer’s creativity. He was low on self esteem but very
confident about the only thing he cared about- PHOTOGRAPHS OF HIMSELF!!

Nice pose at Qutub Minar

Hesitant to speak about anything else, when he disclosed that he is a B.E graduate and is getting trained in AutoCAD, Ashish fell for his innocence. He couldn’t believe that this young man developed this passion to get clicked and self-obsession, 6 months ago and since then he has been to other cities like Jaipur and Indore. Atul wants to go to Mumbai one day but he fears being conned in the ‘Maya-nagari’.

Ashish shooting Atul at Qutub Minar

When it came to exchange of pictures, Atul was ignorant about a basic technology known as ‘Mail’ and insisted on use of applications such as Xender and Shareit. The pictures were finally edited and made available to Atul by any means whatsoever. He was in gratitude and took out Rs. 2000, the price decided for the photographs but Ashish returned it to him and promised to meet him again. Atul was aghast at the return of money and thought Ashish would demand for more. It was subsequently made clear to him that this photoshoot was a gift to him. Atul couldn’t move for a while and his eyes were staring the ground.


Atul and Ashish sharing light moments at shoot


Wisdom comes when we sensitize our reflective and intuitive learning skills. Ashish introspected his meeting with Atul without any barriers, embraced it and took a step forward towards philanthropy. His final gesture might have burst the bubble from Jabal and made it memorable for him, but this day in the life of the photographer has left deep footprints.


Sitting at Agrasen ki Baoli

Should we not embrace and bring forward such innocence and purity that we have somewhere lost along the way?


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