मानू और चिंटू रो ब्याह – Mayhem, Madness & A Marriage.


When a best friend is getting married it is pure pandemonium and mayhem to another level. As I like to call it, my friend Shourya’s wedding was a “marriage of friends” – the perfect royal wedding which took place in full Rajasthani style and oomph. The wedding was a total week long affair in which we started from Delhi, going through Mandava, to Bikaner, visiting the gorgeous Gajner Palace and landing in Ajmer.




The weddings of Rajasthan are a magnificent affair, and the beauty of this land and its people has been captured in all the candid photography by Banjara Studios. It was the wedding of the year that we had all been looking forward to for over 6 months. Weeks of preparations, dance rehearsals, choosing that perfect outfit and the thrill of all family and friends coming together from across the globe had us spinning in our head.



She was full of innocence and he was full of fire and together they are unstoppable.





Marriages are beautiful and even better when you are married to your friend who has turned into your soulmate.




Sometimes you fall short of describing a moment or a situation, it is times like these when we will let the picture do all the talking.


When a best friend is getting married its pure joy and happiness and the huge colourful festival of holi is a part of it then it is chaos and mayhem.



There is no limit to her happiness, because her dreams are all coming true!





Lets all pose for a Yellow Photo.


Look at her Go!

One of the best epic Candid moments of the entire wedding making our bride no less than a star.


When all your friends & relatives take revenge in Haldi ceremony.


Safa tying is originally a tradition of Rajasthan and is an important part of rituals and ceremonies.

The cloth material, color, style changes as we moved away from one place to another.

As they say a picture can speak millions of words : this is an epic picture of friends taking joy in feeding the groom while he is breathing the last breaths of his singlehood.

It is not easy getting married and having week long wedding affairs, its no less than victory in itself.

In the details lies the stories.

Her special day calls for a special Jump.

Capturing pictures of the bride while she gets ready for the final show is such an integral part of candid photography.

You get to lurk around and be a part of an aspect with is of utmost importance for the bride. It is her special day after all.


This was on our way back from the salon in almost no man’s land.





They do not say that’s it’s the happiest day of your life for no reason.


I know staring is a bad habit : but I cant seem to stop myself.


When the Groom makes all the ladies in the house blush and puff.








The tall and handsome and the short and beautiful, a couple making their very own beauty and the beast or in this case beauty and the beautiful.


Only a Father can know what goes on inside of him at this particular moment : after all its not easy to let your baby girl go!

It’s beautiful to see how Banjara Studios has covered all the apt moments, hugs, tears, smiles, emotions, fun without us even getting to know – well I guess that’s what candid photography is all about.
Thank you for making us all look so pretty.
Moments come and go and sometimes can be forgotten by human memory, but photographers capture these moments and keep making them come alive even after decades.
Weddings are affairs to be remembered and cherished always. Wishing this radiant couple life full of fun and frolic.



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